Galaxy or Dairy Milk?

Galaxy or Dairy Milk?

Anthony’s paid for the petrol and returns to the car.  He opens his door, takes his seat on the driver’s side and holds out two chocolate bars.

 Anthony: I didn’t know if you were a Galaxy or a Dairy Milk person?

Me (smiling): Galaxy.  Definitely Galaxy.

Anthony (returning my smile and passing me the Galaxy): Well that worked out because I wanted the Dairy Milk. I believe people are always either Galaxy or Dairy Milk people.

I adamantly agree.

We launch into a series of questions, purely for fun.  They help pass the time while we’re sitting in traffic on our way to IKEA.  They continue to pass the time while we’re navigating our way through the crowds of people who are wasting their precious weekend by hunting for home furnishings.  I wish I wasn’t one of them but I need a wardrobe; I intend to find, purchase and transport one with military efficiency.  There will be no idle window-shopping, and any time that’s not productive (primarily waiting in queues) will be made entertaining by the interesting Q&A debate with Anthony.  You might also enjoy the questions …

1)      What superpower would you choose and why?  Flight, telekinesis or invisibility?

2)      Top three chocolate bars of choice?

3)      Which of your colleagues/relatives/friends do you think would be a bad date?

4)      Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Catwoman?

5)      Pasta or rice?

6)      Paper books or Kindle?

7)      First person you thought of this morning?

8)      Ireland or Scotland?

9)      Company for conversation: same sex, or opposite sex?

10)   When you hear the “beep” that signals you have a new text/whatsapp/email, whose name do you hope to see?

11)   When you hear the “beep” that signals you have a new text/whatsapp/email, whose name makes you roll your eyes?

12)   What saying/expression do you use a lot? (If you don’t know, ask a colleague/relative/friend/partner – they’ll know)

13)   Favourite word?

14)   Least favourite singer/band?

15)   Best topping on toast?

16)   Worst feeling in the world? (One of my close friends answered this with “being busted/caught” which I thought was a great response)

17)   Would you rather look at a beautiful photograph (or view), or listen to a song you love?

18)   What trait of yours do you think most annoys other people?

19)   What do you think you’ll be doing on this day, one year from now?

20)   Would the 15 year-old you be happy with you and your current life?

I bought a suitable wardrobe (to replace my broken one) and we assembled it without too much difficulty.  IKEA instructions are often criticised but I find the piece-by-piece construction process quite satisfying. Though nowhere near as satisfying as answering imaginative and stimulating questions!


In England, every man I’ve known has preferred Dairy Milk to Galaxy.  Most women have preferred Galaxy to Dairy Milk.  For those reading this outside Britain, “Galaxy” is called “Dove” for you, though your Dairy Milk tastes different.  I like Galaxy in England, but in Australia I prefer Dairy Milk to Dove.  And in America I’d rather not eat chocolate at all (English readers will agree – ask them about Hershey’s and you’ll hear a unanimous “yuck!”).  Who would have thought chocolate could be so complicated?

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