Why this blog?

Why, given my very vocal negative stance on social media, am I doing a blog? MeWell some of you have requested it and, whilst I question the level of genuineness in this request, I couldn’t help but find it flattering.  However primarily it’s to keep me connected to the world I value. The world of sane, stimulating and entertaining people – you’re those people, you’re that world.  I’m leaving London to return to Australia for a 6 month sabbatical and you’re going to help keep me mentally afloat during this brief period of limbo.

Why should you waste your precious time reading this? I’ll try to answer this by simply saying that I know myself well enough to know that during the next few months I’ll be having experiences that’ll be morally questionable, personally humiliating and frequently infuriating.  I’ll make these accounts as interesting as possible and hopefully provide you with a few minutes of entertainment a week.  That’s what I’m offering and, from what I can tell, isn’t life just made up of insignificant distractions?

It works both ways though so please distract me with anything suitable (or unsuitable!) at simonescribbles@gmail.com


Note – I started this blog in 2011 (almost 4 years ago).  I currently live in Australia (having returned to London following my sabbatical, and then come back to Australia again in 2013).  At this point I don’t know where I’ll end up!

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